Zee's Inc,

Zee's Inc.

Zee's Inc by Gift Essentials is made up of today's hottest Beverage Accessories and Gifts. From their extremely popular Ever Drinkware glasses to the top quality Copper Moscow Mule Mugs, and Vingo Tumblers, this line represents convenience and style for those on-the-go necessities and in-home entertainment occasions.

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Glass Wbs Sailfish 14107

Glass Wbs Sailfish (14107)


Glass Wbs Dice 14022

Glass Wbs Dice (14022)


Glass Wbs Gifts 14702

Glass Wbs Gifts (14702)


Pocket Bottle Butterfly CB1019

Pocket Bottle Butterfly (CB1019)


Pocket Bottle Tiger CB1020

Pocket Bottle Tiger (CB1020)


Pocket Bottle Football CB1022

Pocket Bottle Football (CB1022)


Pocket Bottle Penguin CB1023

Pocket Bottle Penguin (CB1023)


Pocket Bottle Baseball CB1027

Pocket Bottle Baseball (CB1027)


Pocket Bottle Cardinal CB1028

Pocket Bottle Cardinal (CB1028)


Pocket Bottle U.S. Flag CB1041

Pocket Bottle U.S. Flag (CB1041)


Clear Festa Aerator F1001

Clear Festa Aerator (F1001)


Red Festa Aerator F1002

Red Festa Aerator (F1002)


Blue Festa Aerator F1003

Blue Festa Aerator (F1003)


Purple Festa Aerator F1004

Purple Festa Aerator (F1004)


Green Festa Aerator F1005

Green Festa Aerator (F1005)


Chillaerator Rod F3000

Chillaerator Rod (F3000)


Mint Chillaerator F3001

Mint Chillaerator (F3001)


Bubble Gum Chillaerator F3002

Bubble Gum Chillaerator (F3002)


Sky Chillaerator F3003

Sky Chillaerator (F3003)


Cherry Chillaerator F3004

Cherry Chillaerator (F3004)


Grape Chillaerator F3005

Grape Chillaerator (F3005)


Frost Chillaerator F3006

Frost Chillaerator (F3006)


Glass Wbs Hermit Crab 14105

Glass Wbs Hermit Crab (14105)