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Brush Art

At our company, we have more than 40 years of experience in the retail and wholesale industry selling our wonderful gifts and BrushArt animals, and almost everything we sell is handmade in Chile, Peru, and the Philippines. From angel figurines to Christmas ornaments, we sell hundreds of thousands of products to our customers, and we have customers who have been buying our products for 10 years or longer. In fact, we don't have any competitors because we are the only ones that sell these amazing gifts. Enjoy our competitive prices at wholesale and retail rates at Mission Imports, family-owned and locally owned and operated by John and Vera Whalen.

Brand Categories

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Javelina Wild Boar Ornament BRUSHOR54

Javelina Wild Boar Ornament (BRUSHOR54)


Fox Ornament BRUSHOR45

Fox Ornament (BRUSHOR45)


Bluebird Ornament BRUSHOR27B

Bluebird Ornament (BRUSHOR27B)


Otter Brown 7 inch BRUSH46

Otter Brown 7 inch (BRUSH46)


Porcupine Ornament BRUSHOR14

Porcupine Ornament (BRUSHOR14)


Ferret Natural Ornament BRUSHOR12

Ferret Natural Ornament (BRUSHOR12)


Seal Pup Ornament BRUSHOR04

Seal Pup Ornament (BRUSHOR04)


Flamingo Ornament BRUSHOR01

Flamingo Ornament (BRUSHOR01)


Turkey Grey 7 inch BRUSH100

Turkey Grey 7 inch (BRUSH100)


Cardinal 5 inch with Branch BRUSH97

Cardinal 5 inch with Branch (BRUSH97)


Cobra 12 inch BRUSH60

Cobra 12 inch (BRUSH60)


Squirrel Grey with Nut 5 inch BRUSH78M

Squirrel Grey with Nut 5 inch (BRUSH78M)


Rabbit Colored 10 inch Assorted Colors BRUSH74L

Rabbit Colored 10 inch Assorted Colors (BRUSH74L)


Gopher 6 inch BRUSH67

Gopher 6 inch (BRUSH67)


Dog Basset Sitting 9 inch BRUSH64BA

Dog Basset Sitting 9 inch (BRUSH64BA)


Mouse Natural Ornament BRUSHOR35

Mouse Natural Ornament (BRUSHOR35)


Snake Green 10 inch BRUSH59

Snake Green 10 inch (BRUSH59)


Guinea Pig Ornament BRUSHOR48

Guinea Pig Ornament (BRUSHOR48)


Duck Ornament BRUSHOR53

Duck Ornament (BRUSHOR53)


Fox Red / Brown Sitting 9 inch OL BRUSH45

Fox Red / Brown Sitting 9 inch OL (BRUSH45)


Frog BRUSH37

Frog (BRUSH37)


Raccoon 9 inch BRUSH38L

Raccoon 9 inch (BRUSH38L)


Bat with Sisal Loop BRUSHOR25

Bat with Sisal Loop (BRUSHOR25)


Buffalo 11 inch BRUSH34L

Buffalo 11 inch (BRUSH34L)


Squirrel 5 inch BRUSH23M

Squirrel 5 inch (BRUSH23M)


Turtle Sea Ornament BRUSHOR07

Turtle Sea Ornament (BRUSHOR07)


Kangaroo Ornament BRUSHOR06

Kangaroo Ornament (BRUSHOR06)


Ladybug Ornament BRUSHOR13

Ladybug Ornament (BRUSHOR13)


Blue Jay 5 inch with Branch BRUSH111

Blue Jay 5 inch with Branch (BRUSH111)


Owl Brown BRUSH15B

Owl Brown (BRUSH15B)


Penguin Ornament BRUSHOR05

Penguin Ornament (BRUSHOR05)


Finch Ornament BRUSHOR27F

Finch Ornament (BRUSHOR27F)


Owl Ornament BRUSHOR15

Owl Ornament (BRUSHOR15)


Bear Brown Ornament BRUSHOR33

Bear Brown Ornament (BRUSHOR33)


Dolphin Ornament BRUSHOR28

Dolphin Ornament (BRUSHOR28)


Robin Ornament BRUSHOR27R

Robin Ornament (BRUSHOR27R)


Owl On Branch BRUSH155

Owl On Branch (BRUSH155)


Rooster Assorted Ornament BRUSHOR58

Rooster Assorted Ornament (BRUSHOR58)


Bear Black 7 inch BRUSH71S

Bear Black 7 inch (BRUSH71S)


Bear Black 10 inch BRUSH71L

Bear Black 10 inch (BRUSH71L)


Penguin 22 inch BRUSH05XX

Penguin 22 inch (BRUSH05XX)


Lamb Raffia BRUSHOR40R

Lamb Raffia (BRUSHOR40R)


Frog Sitting Ornament BRUSHOR37

Frog Sitting Ornament (BRUSHOR37)


Raccoon Ornament BRUSHOR38

Raccoon Ornament (BRUSHOR38)


Pig Pink Sitting Ornament BRUSHOR39P

Pig Pink Sitting Ornament (BRUSHOR39P)


Beaver 2.5 inch Ornament BRUSHOR42

Beaver 2.5 inch Ornament (BRUSHOR42)


Bear Polar Frosted Ornament BRUSHOR16F

Bear Polar Frosted Ornament (BRUSHOR16F)


Kitten Pounce Marmalade 7 inch BRUSH110

Kitten Pounce Marmalade 7 inch (BRUSH110)


Panda Ornament BRUSHOR47

Panda Ornament (BRUSHOR47)


Bison Ornament BRUSHOR34

Bison Ornament (BRUSHOR34)


Squirrel Red Ornament BRUSHOR23

Squirrel Red Ornament (BRUSHOR23)


Chickadee Ornament BRUSHOR27C

Chickadee Ornament (BRUSHOR27C)


Hummingbird Ornament BRUSHOR26

Hummingbird Ornament (BRUSHOR26)


Penguin 12 inch BRUSH05X

Penguin 12 inch (BRUSH05X)


Beaver Brown BRUSH10B

Beaver Brown (BRUSH10B)


Hedgehog Ornament BRUSHOR11

Hedgehog Ornament (BRUSHOR11)


Giraffe Ornament BRUSHOR61

Giraffe Ornament (BRUSHOR61)


Dog Dachshund Ornament BRUSHOR64DC

Dog Dachshund Ornament (BRUSHOR64DC)


Dog Labrador Black BRUSHOR64LB

Dog Labrador Black (BRUSHOR64LB)


Gorilla Ornament BRUSHOR65

Gorilla Ornament (BRUSHOR65)


Gopher Ornament BRUSHOR67

Gopher Ornament (BRUSHOR67)


Cow Ornament BRUSHOR68

Cow Ornament (BRUSHOR68)


Orangutan Ornament BRUSHOR69

Orangutan Ornament (BRUSHOR69)


Bear Black Ornament BRUSHOR71

Bear Black Ornament (BRUSHOR71)


Moose Ornament BRUSHOR72

Moose Ornament (BRUSHOR72)


Rabbit Grey Ornament BRUSHOR74

Rabbit Grey Ornament (BRUSHOR74)


Squirrel Grey Ornament BRUSHOR78X

Squirrel Grey Ornament (BRUSHOR78X)


Horse Chestnut Ornament BRUSHOR80

Horse Chestnut Ornament (BRUSHOR80)


Horse Black Ornament BRUSHOR80B

Horse Black Ornament (BRUSHOR80B)


Horse Shire BRUSHOR80S

Horse Shire (BRUSHOR80S)


Lion Ornament BRUSHOR81

Lion Ornament (BRUSHOR81)


Zebra Ornament BRUSHOR86

Zebra Ornament (BRUSHOR86)


Tiger Rattan Legs Ornament BRUSHOR91

Tiger Rattan Legs Ornament (BRUSHOR91)


Bumble Bee Ornament BRUSHOR92

Bumble Bee Ornament (BRUSHOR92)


Elephant Grey Ornament BRUSHOR94

Elephant Grey Ornament (BRUSHOR94)


Elephant Red Ornament BRUSHOR94R

Elephant Red Ornament (BRUSHOR94R)


Camel Ornament BRUSHOR95

Camel Ornament (BRUSHOR95)


Cardinal Ornament BRUSHOR97

Cardinal Ornament (BRUSHOR97)


Skunk Ornament BRUSHOR99

Skunk Ornament (BRUSHOR99)


Donkey Ornament BRUSHOR100

Donkey Ornament (BRUSHOR100)


Blue Jay Ornament BRUSHOR102

Blue Jay Ornament (BRUSHOR102)


Turkey Ornament BRUSHOR103

Turkey Ornament (BRUSHOR103)


Kitten Pounce Calico Ornament BRUSHOR104

Kitten Pounce Calico Ornament (BRUSHOR104)


Kitten Pounce Black Ornament BRUSHOR105

Kitten Pounce Black Ornament (BRUSHOR105)


Reindeer Ornament BRUSHOR108

Reindeer Ornament (BRUSHOR108)


Kitten Marmalade Ornament BRUSHOR110

Kitten Marmalade Ornament (BRUSHOR110)


Butterfly Assorted MUST ORDER IN 2'S BRUSHOR111

Butterfly Assorted MUST ORDER IN 2'S (BRUSHOR111)


Hippopotamus Ornament BRUSHOR112

Hippopotamus Ornament (BRUSHOR112)


Coyote Wolf Ornament BRUSHOR113

Coyote Wolf Ornament (BRUSHOR113)


Pelican Ornament BRUSHOR115

Pelican Ornament (BRUSHOR115)


Eagle Ornament BRUSHOR116

Eagle Ornament (BRUSHOR116)


Chipmunk Ornament BRUSHOR118

Chipmunk Ornament (BRUSHOR118)


Woodpecker Ornament BRUSHOR29

Woodpecker Ornament (BRUSHOR29)


Mallard Ornament BRUSHOR533

Mallard Ornament (BRUSHOR533)


Acrylic Marble Display BRUSH0000

Acrylic Marble Display (BRUSH0000)


10 inch Flamingo BRUSH0101

10 inch Flamingo (BRUSH0101)


22 inch Pink Flamingo BRUSH0101X

22 inch Pink Flamingo (BRUSH0101X)


Seal Light Brown BRUSH0102L

Seal Light Brown (BRUSH0102L)


8 inch Walrus BRUSH0103S

8 inch Walrus (BRUSH0103S)