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2 inch Baby Angel, Plain Must order in 12's ANGEL01262

2 inch Baby Angel, Plain Must order in 12's (ANGEL01262)


Santa Head 4 inch (Must order in 6's)

Santa Head 4 inch (Must order in 6's) (ANGEL03134)


Goose BRUSH0102G

Goose (BRUSH0102G)


4 inch Loving Holy Family BRUSH02084

4 inch Loving Holy Family (BRUSH02084)


3 inch Santa with Base BRUSH03123

3 inch Santa with Base (BRUSH03123)


2.5 inch Red Wreath with Candles BRUSH03733

2.5 inch Red Wreath with Candles (BRUSH03733)


Bunny Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB09

Bunny Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB09)


Reindeer Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB108

Reindeer Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB108)


Eagle Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB116

Eagle Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB116)


Owl Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB15

Owl Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB15)


Bear Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB33

Bear Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB33)


Pink Pig Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB39P

Pink Pig Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB39P)


Fox Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB45

Fox Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB45)


Panda Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB47

Panda Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB47)


Giraffe Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB61

Giraffe Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB61)


Moose Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB72

Moose Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB72)


Lion Baubel Ornament BRUSHBB81

Lion Baubel Ornament (BRUSHBB81)


Tiger Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB91

Tiger Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB91)


Elephant Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB94

Elephant Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB94)


Cardinal Bauble Ornament BRUSHBB97

Cardinal Bauble Ornament (BRUSHBB97)


Flamingo Ornament BRUSHOR01

Flamingo Ornament (BRUSHOR01)



Heron (BRUSHOR02H)


Seal Pup Ornament BRUSHOR04

Seal Pup Ornament (BRUSHOR04)


Penguin Ornament BRUSHOR05

Penguin Ornament (BRUSHOR05)


Kangaroo Ornament BRUSHOR06

Kangaroo Ornament (BRUSHOR06)


Turtle Sea Ornament BRUSHOR07

Turtle Sea Ornament (BRUSHOR07)


Turtle Box 4 inch BRUSHOR07B

Turtle Box 4 inch (BRUSHOR07B)


Rabbit Assortment BRUSHOR09

Rabbit Assortment (BRUSHOR09)


Donkey Ornament BRUSHOR100

Donkey Ornament (BRUSHOR100)


Roadrunner Ornament BRUSHOR101

Roadrunner Ornament (BRUSHOR101)


Blue Jay Ornament BRUSHOR102

Blue Jay Ornament (BRUSHOR102)


Turkey Ornament BRUSHOR103

Turkey Ornament (BRUSHOR103)


Kitten Pounce Calico Ornament BRUSHOR104

Kitten Pounce Calico Ornament (BRUSHOR104)


Kitten Pounce Black Ornament BRUSHOR105

Kitten Pounce Black Ornament (BRUSHOR105)


Squirrel Black BRUSHOR107

Squirrel Black (BRUSHOR107)


Reindeer Ornament BRUSHOR108

Reindeer Ornament (BRUSHOR108)


Hedgehog Ornament BRUSHOR11

Hedgehog Ornament (BRUSHOR11)


Kitten Marmalade Ornament BRUSHOR110

Kitten Marmalade Ornament (BRUSHOR110)


Monarch Butterfly BRUSHOR111M

Monarch Butterfly (BRUSHOR111M)


Hippopotamus Ornament BRUSHOR112

Hippopotamus Ornament (BRUSHOR112)


Coyote Wolf Ornament BRUSHOR113

Coyote Wolf Ornament (BRUSHOR113)


Pelican Ornament BRUSHOR115

Pelican Ornament (BRUSHOR115)


Eagle Ornament BRUSHOR116

Eagle Ornament (BRUSHOR116)


Chipmunk Ornament BRUSHOR118

Chipmunk Ornament (BRUSHOR118)


Ferret Natural Ornament BRUSHOR12

Ferret Natural Ornament (BRUSHOR12)



Goat (BRUSHOR120)


Ladybug Ornament BRUSHOR13

Ladybug Ornament (BRUSHOR13)


Porcupine Ornament BRUSHOR14

Porcupine Ornament (BRUSHOR14)


Owl Ornament BRUSHOR15

Owl Ornament (BRUSHOR15)


Owl Spotted w/ Branch BRUSHOR155

Owl Spotted w/ Branch (BRUSHOR155)


Bear Polar Frosted Ornament BRUSHOR16F

Bear Polar Frosted Ornament (BRUSHOR16F)



Snail (BRUSHOR17)


Chick with Legs BRUSHOR19

Chick with Legs (BRUSHOR19)


Chicks Assortment Color MUST ORDER IN 3'S BRUSHOR19C

Chicks Assortment Color MUST ORDER IN 3'S (BRUSHOR19C)


Hummingbird Ornament BRUSHOR26

Hummingbird Ornament (BRUSHOR26)


Bluebird Ornament BRUSHOR27B

Bluebird Ornament (BRUSHOR27B)


Chickadee Ornament BRUSHOR27C

Chickadee Ornament (BRUSHOR27C)


Finch Ornament BRUSHOR27F

Finch Ornament (BRUSHOR27F)


Seagull Ornament BRUSHOR27G

Seagull Ornament (BRUSHOR27G)


Kingfisher Ornament BRUSHOR27K

Kingfisher Ornament (BRUSHOR27K)


Robin Ornament BRUSHOR27R

Robin Ornament (BRUSHOR27R)


Raven Ornament BRUSHOR27V

Raven Ornament (BRUSHOR27V)


Dolphin Ornament BRUSHOR28

Dolphin Ornament (BRUSHOR28)


Woodpecker Ornament BRUSHOR29

Woodpecker Ornament (BRUSHOR29)


Pufferfish 2 Assortment Must order in 2's BRUSHOR32

Pufferfish 2 Assortment Must order in 2's (BRUSHOR32)


Bison Ornament BRUSHOR34

Bison Ornament (BRUSHOR34)


Mouse Natural Ornament BRUSHOR35

Mouse Natural Ornament (BRUSHOR35)


Sitting Frosted Mouse BRUSHOR35F

Sitting Frosted Mouse (BRUSHOR35F)


3 inch Mouse Grey Sitting BRUSHOR35G

3 inch Mouse Grey Sitting (BRUSHOR35G)


Frog Sitting Ornament BRUSHOR37

Frog Sitting Ornament (BRUSHOR37)


Raccoon Ornament BRUSHOR38

Raccoon Ornament (BRUSHOR38)


Pig Ornament BRUSHOR39

Pig Ornament (BRUSHOR39)


Pig Pink Sitting Ornament BRUSHOR39P

Pig Pink Sitting Ornament (BRUSHOR39P)


Lamb Raffia BRUSHOR40R

Lamb Raffia (BRUSHOR40R)


Beaver 2.5 inch Ornament BRUSHOR42

Beaver 2.5 inch Ornament (BRUSHOR42)


Squirrel Rat Ornament BRUSHOR43

Squirrel Rat Ornament (BRUSHOR43)


Ostrich Ornament BRUSHOR44

Ostrich Ornament (BRUSHOR44)


Fox Ornament BRUSHOR45

Fox Ornament (BRUSHOR45)



Otter (BRUSHOR46)


Panda Ornament BRUSHOR47

Panda Ornament (BRUSHOR47)


Guinea Pig Ornament BRUSHOR48

Guinea Pig Ornament (BRUSHOR48)


Llama Ornament BRUSHOR49

Llama Ornament (BRUSHOR49)


Rabbit on Skis BRUSHOR50

Rabbit on Skis (BRUSHOR50)


Nativity Set BRUSHOR500

Nativity Set (BRUSHOR500)


Duck Ornament BRUSHOR53

Duck Ornament (BRUSHOR53)


Loon Ornament BRUSHOR530

Loon Ornament (BRUSHOR530)


Mallard Ornament BRUSHOR533

Mallard Ornament (BRUSHOR533)


Javelina Wild Boar Ornament BRUSHOR54

Javelina Wild Boar Ornament (BRUSHOR54)