Gift Essentials creates unique products that inspire memories, moments and emotions. From handcrafted garden art, such as chimes, mobiles, whirligigs and more, to home décor in vibrant colors and styles that suit any taste or preference, Gift Essentials is as diverse as it is dedicated to offering quality products that are designed to help create new memories.

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Tree of Life Birdfeeder GEBLUEG534F

Tree of Life Birdfeeder (GEBLUEG534F)


Hummingbird Red Flower Feeder GEBLUEG520

Hummingbird Red Flower Feeder (GEBLUEG520)


Pickles the Piranha Chime GEBLUEG544

Pickles the Piranha Chime (GEBLUEG544)


Bluebird Ornament COBANEC233

Bluebird Ornament (COBANEC233)


Hummingbird Ornament COBANEC344

Hummingbird Ornament (COBANEC344)


Bride and Groom Ornament COBANED358

Bride and Groom Ornament (COBANED358)


Christmas Eve Chapel White Ornament COBANEE117

Christmas Eve Chapel White Ornament (COBANEE117)


Aviator Spike Whirligig GEBLUEG340

Aviator Spike Whirligig (GEBLUEG340)