About Us

Gift Essentials creates products that, like their eventual owners, are unique and expressive.  From garden art pieces to home décor, each piece is designed here in the USA, then created with attention to detail and an appreciation for the subject which they represent. Whether it be an expression of nature and the beauties found within, or an expression of a culture, these products are created with diligence and love. 

Our Blue Handworks division originates from the mountains of northern Bali in the Kembang Sari village, where village craftsmen loving handcraft each piece from found wood, sandblasted glass and other processes.  When you purchase one of these pieces, you help support these craftsmen. 

Stained GlassAnother division within Gift Essentials includes our Stained Glass line.  These pieces are handcrafted with colors that never fade and include designs that are styled after much loved icons found in nature and everyday life. Designs are available as sun catchers, wind chimes, window panels, garden hooks, bird feeders and nightlights. Gift Essentials continues to grow to include products that inspire memories, moments and emotions. 

Stay tuned for more exciting items, guaranteed to be as unique and diverse as Gift Essentials is itself.