PR Family-owned business supports Main Street Retail with 3 acquisitions

The Toellner Family of Mexico, Missouri is pleased to announce that its Gift Essentials division has completed the acquisition and transfer of inventory of three companies in the last 30 days. In announcing this, Mel Toellner, President and founder commented, "We have been blessed that our children, Grant and Becky, have joined our business, and with the development of a great management and service team, has made it possible to keep the dreams and products of the following great entrepreneurs alive. Retirement and other changes in these companies have caused these business owners to reach out to us to acquire their companies."

Zee's Creations of Sanford, Florida, maker of beverage accessories and gifts, previously owned by Farhan and Zarina Khan.
LSArts of Plantation, Florida, maker of beverage accessories and gifts, and holiday gift-ware, previously owned by Lanny and Linda Altshuler.
Bottom's Up Drinkware division of 95° and Sunny of Gilbert, Arizona, previously owned by Michelle and Ken Mack."
Toellner continued, "We are happy to announce that over 95% of the independent retailers who purchased product from these companies will continue to be served by the same great gift sales representatives that were previously utilized by each of the three companies." All three owners will continue to assist Gift Essentials with product development in the future. Retailers will continue to benefit from their unique products while saving time and dollars as all products can ship on one order from one central US location.

Toellner added, "At a time when many in the press are questioning, 'Will retail as we know it survive?', we hope and believe that these three acquisitions, along with two this past December (Cobane Christmas Ornaments and ProBar Drink Mixes), shows our family's belief that the American consumer will continue to want to 'touch items' and benefit from the advice and council that the vast majority of our customers provide to those they serve!"
He continued, "While the internet will continue to grow and affect the way consumers shop, we are particularly strong in our belief that the following retail market segments will continue to survive and grow." Retailers that service:

1) Our original and what will remain our largest market served, the backyard nature industry, which helps consumers enjoy the gifts of nature God has created around their own residence and town.
2) Retailers at locations where consumers go on vacation, whether it's along the coast, at the lake, or in the mountains.
3) Retailers that offer a way for a consumer to enjoy a beverage at home, and the rapidly growing winery, craft beer and distillery industries.
4) Retailers that offer gifts consumers enjoy as families gather together to celebrate special holidays, like Christmas.
Further witness to our family's belief in the survival of main street retailers is the fact that at the same time we are acquiring these three great companies, each of our divisions is daily adding dozens of great new products from our current, and new, fantastic vendor partners we work with to serve the main street retailers we all exist to serve!"
"Instead of retiring and fading into the sunset, it is our family's goal to help retailers survive and prosper in these rapidly changing times, while keeping alive the dreams of the founders of the great companies that we have acquired", Toellner concluded.

Posted Date: 2017-07-20