LS Arts

LSArts by Gift Essentials is a beautiful collection of Artisan Glass pieces uniquely handmade by skilled artisans in the old world tradition, making each piece a one-of-a-kind treasure. Styles range from Glass Trees with Wine Charms for every kind of party to Bottle Stoppers in tons of styles to suit any taste, Hostess Sets which make terrific gifts, and much more!

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Milano Raccoon MA-097

Milano Raccoon (MA-097)


Milano Sloth MA-098

Milano Sloth (MA-098)


Milano Hippo MA-099

Milano Hippo (MA-099)


Milano Brown Bear MA-100

Milano Brown Bear (MA-100)


Milano Giraffe MA-101

Milano Giraffe (MA-101)


Milano Hedge Hog MA-102

Milano Hedge Hog (MA-102)


Milano Black Bear MA-103

Milano Black Bear (MA-103)


Milano Zebra MA-104

Milano Zebra (MA-104)


Milano Orca MA-105

Milano Orca (MA-105)


Milano Ram MA-106

Milano Ram (MA-106)


Milano Alpaca MA-107

Milano Alpaca (MA-107)


Milano Sheep MA-108

Milano Sheep (MA-108)


Tree - Wine Charms Snowman - 8 inch PVC XM-1152

Tree - Wine Charms Snowman - 8 inch PVC (XM-1152)