LS Arts

LSArts by Gift Essentials is a beautiful collection of Artisan Glass pieces uniquely handmade by skilled artisans in the old world tradition, making each piece a one-of-a-kind treasure. Styles range from Glass Trees with Wine Charms for every kind of party to Bottle Stoppers in tons of styles to suit any taste, Hostess Sets which make terrific gifts, and much more!

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Milano Rooster (Red/Orange) MA-092

Milano Rooster (Red/Orange) (MA-092)


Milano Rooster (Blue) MA-093

Milano Rooster (Blue) (MA-093)


Milano Snail (Green) MA-094

Milano Snail (Green) (MA-094)


Milano Owl MA-095

Milano Owl (MA-095)


Milano Shark MA-096

Milano Shark (MA-096)


Hanukkah Dreidel - Set of 4 - GB - TBD HK-015

Hanukkah Dreidel - Set of 4 - GB - TBD (HK-015)


Hostess Set - Hanukkah HK-024

Hostess Set - Hanukkah (HK-024)


Hostess Set - Grapes HS-060

Hostess Set - Grapes (HS-060)


Hostess Set - Butterfly HS-061

Hostess Set - Butterfly (HS-061)


Hostess Set - Fish HS-063

Hostess Set - Fish (HS-063)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Alligator MA-052

Milano Art Glass Animals-Alligator (MA-052)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Octopus MA-054

Milano Art Glass Animals-Octopus (MA-054)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Frog MA-056

Milano Art Glass Animals-Frog (MA-056)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Ladybug MA-057

Milano Art Glass Animals-Ladybug (MA-057)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Owl MA-058

Milano Art Glass Animals-Owl (MA-058)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Elephant MA-059

Milano Art Glass Animals-Elephant (MA-059)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Duck MA-060

Milano Art Glass Animals-Duck (MA-060)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Crab MA-062

Milano Art Glass Animals-Crab (MA-062)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Dolphin MA-066

Milano Art Glass Animals-Dolphin (MA-066)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Blowfish LG MA-069

Milano Art Glass Animals-Blowfish LG (MA-069)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Flamingo MA-071

Milano Art Glass Animals-Flamingo (MA-071)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Palm Tree MA-072

Milano Art Glass Animals-Palm Tree (MA-072)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Cow MA-074

Milano Art Glass Animals-Cow (MA-074)


Milano Art Glass Animals-Penguin MA-075

Milano Art Glass Animals-Penguin (MA-075)


Milano Fat Cat MA-079

Milano Fat Cat (MA-079)


Milano Owl MA-080

Milano Owl (MA-080)


Milano Venetian Penguin MA-081

Milano Venetian Penguin (MA-081)


Milano Venetian Dolphin MA-082

Milano Venetian Dolphin (MA-082)


Milano Venetian Sea Turtle MA-083

Milano Venetian Sea Turtle (MA-083)


Milano Blue Crab MA-084

Milano Blue Crab (MA-084)


Milano Peacock MA-085

Milano Peacock (MA-085)


Milano Squirrel MA-087

Milano Squirrel (MA-087)


Milano Owl with Crown MA-088

Milano Owl with Crown (MA-088)


Milano Red Fox MA-089

Milano Red Fox (MA-089)


Milano Frog with Crown MA-090

Milano Frog with Crown (MA-090)


Milano Dog with Bone MA-091

Milano Dog with Bone (MA-091)


Tree - Light-Up - 10 Inch GB XM-1069

Tree - Light-Up - 10 Inch GB (XM-1069)


Christmas LED Candle in Globe - Threads XM-1077

Christmas LED Candle in Globe - Threads (XM-1077)


Tree - Sea Life - Blue - 7.75 Inch - GB XM-576

Tree - Sea Life - Blue - 7.75 Inch - GB (XM-576)


Light Bulb Standing Light - 5.25

Light Bulb Standing Light - 5.25" (LB-003)